Biotin and Hair Loss

The article Biotin and Hair Loss emphasizes on root cause of hair problems i.e. Biotin deficiency in the body. After reading this article you will be aware about hair problems and will be able to solve them with the help of experts. You will also become aware about properties of Biotin, a vitamin of B complex group sometime also known as vitamin H or vitamin B7. Continue reading Biotin and Hair Loss

Understanding Your Yeast Infection Symptoms

If a woman believes she is experiencing signs of infection for the first time, she should see the doctor immediately if she is unsure of the treatment. The doctor will know the proper diagnosis for this type of infection.

Many people ask what the common yeast infection symptoms are. A woman can tell if she suffering if she has a thick vaginal discharge which looks a little like a cottage. But this symptom can be experienced by only about 20 of women who have yeast infect… Continue reading Understanding Your Yeast Infection Symptoms