Treatment Options For People With Lung Cancer

Several lung cancer treatments are currently available and the determination as to which one is prescribed depends on the lung cancer stage that has been diagnosed, the location of the cancer, and the patients health. The most common treatments for lung cancer include Surgery, Radiation, Chemotherapy, and Targeted Therapy.


Surgery involves cutting away a cancerous tumor and a portion of the tissue that has surrounded the tumor. Sometimes the surgical treatment … Continue reading Treatment Options For People With Lung Cancer

Causes of Osteoporosis

It is a known fact that more bone is laid down more than it is removed in the early life of a person. An individuals peak bone mass is reached at the age of thirty, wherein the remodeling process starts, that takes away more bone than is replaced. Remodeling is the process involving the laying down of new bone and the removing of old bone. So it can be said that the process of bone loss begins in the early to late thirties. It is from this age to the onset of menopause that women lose a certain amount of bone every year. Continue reading Causes of Osteoporosis

Smoking Cancer may cause most cancer in black males U.S. than other ethnic groups

For African American males, smoking may be a serious problems because the last researches have estimated that the cancer death rate for black men it is about 40 per cent more higher than for white men and remain very higher than others ethnic groups in the United States. Continue reading Smoking Cancer may cause most cancer in black males U.S. than other ethnic groups

The Hepatitis B virus

Hepatitis B is what we used to originally known as just simply serum hepatitis. Hep B has been recognized as this new name since World War II. The virus is responsible for current epidemics in parts of Asia and Africa. Recognized as endemic in China and various other parts of Asia, the Hepatitis B virus has infected over one third of the world’s current population. Continue reading The Hepatitis B virus