Warning! Lack Of Exercise Could Be Harmful To Your Heath

You know its bad when the Surgeon General issues a warning that lack of exercise is hazardous to your health. And that was back in 96. Since then, the stats havent improved much, either 25 of the American population is still sedentary and 60 do not exercise regularly Reference

For fitness minded folks, we could do worse than to follow the hour-a-day prescription outlined by the Surgeon Generals Healthy People Report. Its just a guideline, of course and, as you already know, any amount of activity packed into your busy schedule is going to earn you healthy rewards. But there are plenty of other reasons to exercise.

If people exercised only moderately, says Janet Kneiss, Physical Therapist, there would be far less incidence of injury. The 15 or so people I see daily, who come in with back and neck problems, usually dont want to exercise, they want a quick fix.

The solution as she sees it?

I think, if people could just reframe the idea of it exercise being so much work and focus more on the enjoyment of doing it, they would find the experience more positive.

So, if exercise alone can keep you injury and disease free, how do you keep it from being just another thing to-do? Here are a couple ideas

Do something you enjoy This sounds incredibly simple, but its worth mentioning. As weve already said, most seasoned fitness fanatics as well as neophytes will be the first to tell you if you do something you enjoy, you will stick to it. What do you like to do? Walk? Run? Spin the treadmill while watching the tube? Or how about branching out and trying something unique and different like kick-boxing or martial arts? Its a great idea to add variety; it will keep your exercise fresh and interesting.

Mix it up! Speaking of variety, you can also mix up your routine. For example try splitting up your exercise sessions. If you take a half-hour walk in the morning, take a half-hour to stretch or resistance train in the afternoon. Just adding a bit of variety could spice things up and keep you motivated.

Make an appointment with yourself. Make the commitment to exercise by making an appointment with yourself. Write it on your calendar. If youve never exercised before, start slow 10-15 minutes then build up. Begin exercising three times a week, then slowly build up your time and your frequency. If you love to exercise, try listening to your bio-rhythms. If you can, schedule exercise during peak energy periods.

Strive for your personal best. A friend e-mailed to tell me he was gearing up for another 5K relay race. I wasnt surprised. When he was 40, never having run before and not having runners genetics as he puts it, he decided at 15 pounds overweight and asthmatic, he was going to run. He made up his mind. For a year he trained, dropped the weight and signed up. His first goal was simply to finish. Did he do it you bet. Did he work through an asthma attack to get across the finish line? He did, but he kept going. Now, he continues to train and improve his time with each race. His secret, he tells me enjoy the journey, live in the moment, and focus on your personal best.

So, Laura, whats the take home message? you ask. Never mind what everyone else is doing. Stay focused on you, doing what you enjoy and what is fun and exciting for you. Learn everything you can about health and fitness. Then, do the best you can. In so doing, you will be an inspiration for others. To summarize A quote from one of my favorite inspirational writers Dr. Wayne Dyer, who says I dont want to be better than anybody, I just want to be better than I was yesterday.

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