Making Fitness Part of Your Life

The pressures of daily life can be daunting, and with demanding careers and raising a family, working out is probably the last thing on your mind at the end of a busy day. However, physical fitness can benefit you in more ways than you think.

Being physically fit is not only about conquering marathons in record time and not only about looking your best on the beach — even though looking your best is always a bonus. Being physically fit can help you live a longer, more fulfilling life, it can benefit your body, your self-esteem and help you deal with the stresses of daily life.

Isnt it ironic how you always manage to find the time to watch TV, time to catch up on your favorite program or the time to get together with friends? Yet when it comes to going to gym or getting physical, you can easily come up with at least 10 different reasons why youre either too busy or just dont have the time to break a sweat.

Making fitness part of your life should be a priority in everyones life — it should become a daily habit, the same as brushing your teeth or taking a shower. Setting aside one hour of your day isnt much to ask when you take into account all the positive things you achieve just by being physically fit.

Apart from looking and feeling good, working out can benefit you in the following areas as well

Help to relieve stress, depression and anxiety
Increase your ability to concentrate, think faster and become more sharp
Help reduce blood pressure
Lower the risk of developing colon cancer
Keep your heart healthy and reduce the risk of heart disease
Help with gaining muscle, which can build and maintain strong bones
Increase flexibility, which can help prevent injury and help with muscular tension.

So next time you put off going to the gym, stop and think about all the benefits youre missing out on. Just 30 minutes to an hour of physical fitness a day can be a major health investment. And remember you dont have to be in a gym to be fit. You can enjoy fitness with your kids, your spouse, family or friends by coming up with fun, physical activities such as going for walks, swimming, mountain biking, hiking or playing golf to mention a few.


There are many great fitness plans out there that can help you get into shape and enjoy fitness, but there are also many scams that promise you the world and dont deliver. If you have spare cash on hand, get in touch with a personal trainer at your gym and take up a few sessions or visit a biokinetisist who will help you with your goals. You can also browse the Internet for reputable sites for information.


If youre a beginner into the world of fitness, ease into a routine by starting off slowly and gradually increase your endurance level. If you go all out on the first day, chances are youll burn out and overwork yourself to the extent that youll be put off fitness forever. If youre a newbie, also remember that it takes time to get into a fitness routine and the only way to reach your ideal level is be consistent and stick with the program.


The best way to ensure that you avoid the excuses-zone is to make a habit of getting your workouts done first thing in the morning. Set your alarm to wake up an hour earlier, get to the gym and from there, you can shower and head for work. By doing your workout in the morning you are more likely to put it off later due to tiredness or laziness, plus research has shown that you burn more fat if you do your cardio sessions first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

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